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Fleet Depot Towing is the company to turn to when your business needs commercial towing. We are available for light duty and heavy duty commercial vehicles. Don’t leave your fleet on the side of the road where theft, injury and loss of production can happen. Make an appointment with Fleet Depot Towing and protect your fleet.

We Tow: Light Duty F350 F550, Conex Boxes, Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles

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24hr Towing

Need a tow truck now? Call Fleet Depot Towing we work 24hrs a day 7 days a week because you never know when bad luck is going to strike. Our licensed drivers will arrive within the pickup window and get you where you need to be while keeping one of the best rates in town. Click the button to call now!

Don’t Worry

With Fleet Depot Towing you can rest easily knowing your loved one is in good hands with a dependable, safe driver that will get there on time. Our family is prior law enforcement and we are just that a family owned business. You can depend on us for 24hr towing and roadside assistance.

Fully Insured

We invest in our insurance to protect you and us. We have an excellent driving history and work hard to keep our drivers up to date with the latest laws and regulations pertaining to our industry. The safety of you and your vehicle are important to us and we value that responsibility and trust.

Easy Payments

At Fleet Depot Towing we make it easy to schedule a pickup and make payments. Our dispatcher can take your credit card information over the phone and text you a receipt or your driver can swipe your card in person. Did we mention our rates are awesome? If you received a better rate give us a call to discuss we are competitive!

If your vehicle is stuck on the side of the road send us a message or call and we will have one of our trucks over as soon as possible. Be safe and call Fleet Depot Towing NOW!

Call 24hrs a Day 7 Days A Week
(210) 823-4842

We Offer Cheap Towing In These Zip Codes:

78250, 78228, 78207, 78201, 78227, 78240, 78223, 78209, 78247, 78213, 78210, 78216, 78221, 78237, 78233, 78230, 78249, 78232, 78217, 78212, 78211, 78245, 78242, 78218, 78229, 78251, 78239, 78214, 78238, 78244, 78258, 78220, 78222, 78224, 78219, 78225, 78248, 78204, 78202, 78253, 78259, 78226, 78231, 78264, 78203, 78234, 78208, 78263, 78252, 78256, 78255, 78266, 78260, 78257, 78205, 78215, 78254, 78236, 78261, 78235

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